Tee Box Indoor Golf


Simulators are booked by the hour:

  • One person to complete 18 holes should take one hour (four people should take approximately four hours, etc).
  • Can have up to six players at a time but four is recommended.
  • We have golf clubs you can borrow at no cost, however, they are subject to availability.
  • Contact us for more info for large bookings (5+ people).

STANDARD RATES (Oct 31, 2023 – Present):

  • $55 + tax per hour (not per person)- Peak winter/ indoor season rate. (+$5 for Sport suite)
  • $45 + tax off-peak rate (Tuesday to Friday before 5 pm)
  • Summer rate (June – October): $42.5 + tax/hour (not per person)
  • *Please note that “SUMMER PASSES” or any passes bought or won under the summer rate are only useable for the summer season. Summer passes cannot be used during winter.


OCTOBER DEAL – 5 pack of hours 15% off. Regular price $275. Multipack rate $233.75 (save $41.25) WHILE STOCKS LAST!

Go HERE to buy the October deal now (if there is any left)!

The following passes can be bought in-store.

  • Buy a 10-pack of hours upfront and get 10 % off
    • Regular price $550. Multi-pack rate $495 (save $55!)
  • Buy a 20-pack upfront and get 15% off.
    • Regular price $1100. Multi-pack rate $935 (save $165)
  • Multi-packs are subject to applicable taxes.
  • These passes are shareable and have a full 1-year expiry from date of purchase.
  • Gift cards can no longer be used towards multi-pack purchases.

LOYALTY PASS – Available in-store.

  • Every time you pay for one hour of simulator time during our peak times (after 5 p.m. on weekdays and anytime on the weekend) you get a stamp on your loyalty pass. Fill up the card (10 stamps) and you get a free hour on us.
  • Stamps will not be issued on off-peak, multipack, or discounted rounds. Issued on full-priced peak rates only.


  • As group sizes and needs can vary, feel free to give us a call and we can lay out a specific rate offering for you.
  • Want to book the venue (or part of) for a special occasion or work outing? Get in touch and we can provide a great rate for your needs.